Xmas Carols Lite App Reviews

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I  it!!!!!!!!

It was terrible it didn't play the song and no x on CHRIST

It's pretty good......

But this is something I'm saying for all the xmas apps cause I can't write it on eveyonr and some are .99€ so I'll just say this for ALL the apps that don't say...... CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!! it had CHRIST in the beginning do not try to x out our Savior who wad born on CHRISTmas


It's ok and has many songs but I really wish it played the song. If you updated it 2 play the songs, definately 5s!!

works now

I couldn't install on first generation iPod touch through the computer, but I could directly to the iPod. Very nice app. (Meanwhile I wrote the developers and they were very helpful and said a fix would be coming shortly.)


I think its great. Can u guys make a free update that plays the song? That would be awesome

Saved my butt...

While caroling with friends tonight. Really glad it was free...

Don't come to my house!

Xmas Carols Lite doesn’t play music, it just gives you the words. The developer, Dok LLC, says “we will be releasing a Christmas Caroling app with even more features soon” so I’m guessing you’ll have to buy it when it comes out if you want to do a full-on sing-a-long. I think it’s nice that you can get all the lyrics to Christmas carols in one app, but if a bunch of Christmas carolers come to my door singing and holding iPhones I’m gonna turn the hose on them. Actually I think I’ll just turn the hose on ALL carolers, regardless of what they’re reading lyrics from. It’s gonna be hilarious!

Simple and Sweet

so great to have these on my phone - thanks for doing this for free!

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